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Charity Property Donations - Good For All Involved!
Your decision to donate property to charity, and your generosity, are to be commended. Certainly your heart is in the right place, but it is equally important to make sure that your property donation is well-placed, too. This is not only for your own best interest, but also for the best interest of the people and causes your property will support. Property donation is becoming a highly favored way for people to donate to charity and free themselves from the ownership of unwanted or underperforming property. A charitable property donation should be as advantageous as possible to all involved. But when a property donation becomes more of a revenue-generator for professionals than a fundraiser for a needy organization, the entire purpose of the process is defeated. To make the most of your property donation, deal with a proven leader and give us a call!

When we say "Donate Property" we truly mean any type of real estate asset you wish to gift!
We accept Industrial properties used as warehouse distribution or manufacturing facilities. Office space - either CBD or Suburban. Apartments, Attached / multi-unit dwellings and multi-family rental property (both garden complex and high-rise). Retail strip centers, malls, tilapia farm, hotel or motel, development sites, Multi-family houses, townhouse, condominium, duplexes, mobile homes and even floating homes like Houseboat donations! Just choose a property donation type below to get started with your Real Estate Donation today!