Donate MI Real Estate to Charity

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Michigan Real Estate Donation At A Glance
A Michigan real estate donation is one of the easiest ways to move a property that is no longer wanted, while securing great tax and financial advantages for the property owner (or owners, as the case may be). There are many reasons to donate real estate in Michigan to charity, and several options for giving Michigan property to charity.

Michigan Real Estate Donation - The Advantages
Donate real estate in Michigan and enjoy these advantages:
Financial relief from property tax, insurance, maintenance costs, and liability
Relief from the work and labor involved in property management and maintenance
Tax incentives—a deduction of the fair market value of the property, taken over five years (possibly more, depending on the donation of Michigan real estate and the type of contract entered)
Stress-free property transfer handled by qualified professionals focused on making your Michigan property donation simple and fast
The benefit of knowing your generous Michigan real estate donation is helping so many others

Several options exist for donating property in Michigan to charity. These range from contractual options to the types of property that can be donated to charity in Michigan. The list includes: