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We accept commercial real estate donations anywhere in the world, and use your donation to help numerous worthy charitable causes.

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Hotel / Commercial Property Donations to Charity

Real estate with causes specializes in the donation of hotel real estate and commercial property donations. Whether you own one hotel or a portfolio, donating a hotel is a major decision. Once the decision is made, you will want your hotel property donation handled professionally to maximize tax deduction possibilities and minimize inconvenience. Real Estate with Causes mission is to do just that. Our mission is to maximize the value of your hotel real estate donation and handle the entire hotel donation process ensuring a smooth and seamless transfer.

So Much Good to Come Of Hotel Donations
Hotel donations are a particular favorite of charities dealing in property and real estate donations. Of course, every property donation is welcomed by these organizations, but hotel donations open so many doors for opportunity and community improvement that they are especially coveted.

So Many Spaces, So Many Possibilities
A building that is capable of providing so many varied spaces—such as a multi-unit dwelling or a motel or hotel—provides a number of opportunities to a charitable organization whose mission it is to house others, improve community amenities, and raise much needed funds for deserving people and organizations. Hotel donations provide the kinds of large spaces and multi-unit properties that can be rehabbed and used to provide any number of services.

In many cases hotels donated to charity become:
Shelters for the homeless
Community centers
Sober living communities for rehabilitated individuals
Shelters for battered women and children

These are just a few examples of the many ways hotel donations can be converted into usable living and functional spaces. In every instance, Real Estate with Causes will make the best possible use of hotels donated to our charity, with constant attention paid to the usability of the space and the needs of the greater community as a whole.

Almost any type of property is eligible for consideration for commercial property donation. Visit our commercial property donation page to get started with your Hotel Donation today!