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We accept farmland donations anywhere in the United States and abroad, and use your donation to help support numerous worthy charitable causes that make a difference.

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Rural Property / Farmland Donations to Charity

Looking for a meaningful and convenient way to protect local farmland and keep our local farms thriving? Donate farmland to Real Estate with Causes! Trusted by thousands, our farmland donation process is fast, easy and convenient! Think of a land-use and we have dealt with it; vegetable farms, cattle and livestock, forestland, hunting grounds, pasture, soybeans, peanuts and even aquaponic farms can be donated. Your farmland donation can be farm / land related to any and every agricultural approach throughout the Americas and Canada.. We excel at and are here to help you with your farmland donations, donating farmland for conservation purposes, farmland contracts - subsidies commercial farms knowing in their hearts now is the time to help others. We also offer a tax deduction to all qualified farmland donors that is unmatched from other likeminded nonprofits. Also looking for experienced agricultural experts to assist us with advice and maximizing crop growth for food banks and orphanages.

Selling Farm Land? Here's a Better Alternative!
In many circumstances, selling is not ideal for unwanted farmland acres due to the many costs involved that may outweigh the actual farmland worth. Because of this, many people hold on to worthy farmland for lack of a better alternative, continue paying property taxes, maintenance and upkeep costs, (list goes on as you know) without ever seeing a return on their investment. Rather than holding on to farmland you do not want, donate farmland to Real Estate with Causes and reap the rewards of helping great causes and a Fair Market Value Tax Deduction.

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Real Estate with Causes accepts farm land donations anywhere in the United States and abroad, and uses your donation to help worthy charitable causes worldwide. Complete the form above to get started with your Land Donation today!