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Over time, property can become more of a burden and a curse than an asset. Ironically, freeing yourself from the burden of property ownership can be more work and cost than it is worth. Connecticut property owners do have alternatives, though; you can now donate Connecticut real estate to charity and do much good in many ways.

Connecticut Property Donation - Who Benefits?
A charitable donation of real estate in Connecticut helps in many ways. You, as a Connecticut real estate donor, benefit. You can use a charitable property donation of Connecticut real estate to unburden yourself from gifted or inherited property, relieve yourself from property taxes, maintenance and upkeep costs, responsibility to tenants, liability, and associated insurance expenses.

You also benefit when you donate Connecticut real estate by securing a generous tax deduction; the tax deduction that you earn through Connecticut property donation is given relative to today's fair market value (not at the value of the property at time of purchase). In many cases, the tax deduction (which can be taken over five years) is a much greater financial advantage than attempting to sell the subject property and pay the fees associated with the sale.

Your local community benefits from the money generated from the donation of Connecticut property. Real Estate with Causes supports a variety of programs as well as needy private citizens with the money and property gained from real estate donations in Connecticut. Most of these are people and programs that have otherwise fallen through the funding cracks and, although greatly deserving, do not fit into the categorizations of other charities or programs.

Your national community benefits when you donate real estate in Connecticut as well. Real Estate with Causes supports many worthwhile national organizations, including veterans associations and cancer treatment and medical research foundations.